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My new book 

“The Legacy of the Atlanteans”

is now available in English language – without pictures – as E-Book and Paperback by Amazon, Google & Co, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Tolino, txtr. and your local book stores (ISBN 9783741864902). I am sure; you want to know all facts about the ancient culture.

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People of Atlantis lived for a long period in Middle and South America and left many buildings behind, which are older than 12.000 Years! All scientists maintain, “Columbus has discovered America”! But America’s history is much older! You will be surprised!

„The Legacy of the Atlanteans“

Experts worldwide have constantly wondered which advanced ice-age civilization was the source of ancient artifacts from 12,000 years ago. Few scientists dare to point to the „advanced Atlantean civilization,” as I call it, even though there is no other choice!

This exploration of the Atlantis mystery pieces together knowledge from the most varied disciplines to form a coherent overall picture. The „gods“ worshipped by the Egyptians and natives of the Americas were Atlanteans who traversed the oceans, founded colonies, and planned or left behind world-famous structures before their homeland sank beneath the ocean in one night.

The Atlanteans perceived in time that their civilization would be destroyed, so they deliberately left us distinct clues intended for later cultures. Now you can explore the details of this obscure culture, whose clear existence has previously defied scientific study.

You find more informations under the headline „The Legacy of the Atlanteans“.

Michael Ullrich